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News From Sweden / March 2021

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Currently all the opera houses are closed for the rest of the season and the government hasn't given any dates of a possible re-opening. They have put a new law in place which regulates how many people different kind of venues might receive depending on whether they're outdoors or indoors and whether the audience is seated or not. But, again, no dates or plan on WHEN this will be in place.

11.9% of the population is vaccinated with 1 dose and 5% with 2 doses. A vaccine pass is being discussed but more relevant to travel within the EU, rather than to be used for cultural events.

The government recently announced they will give an extra €50 million to the culture sector to help the crisis. Organisers are asking for the government to give guarantees to be able to plan for events without losing too much money but nothing along those lines has been announced.

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