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Situation in France / Nov 2021


Capacity at cultural venues is at 100%. Audiences are required to present a Health Pass to attend any indoor cultural event, and must wear a mask throughout the event.

Current attendance numbers are still very low and the cultural offer is limited compared to a normal year. Audiences seem to not have recovered their pre-pandemic attendance habits. Worryingly, a recent opinion poll ordered by the Ministry of Culture showed that one third of the persons polled say they are reducing their attendance at cultural venues compared to pre-pandemic. You can read about this opinion poll on this link.

Fifty orchestras and opera houses have signed an opinion piece, where they express their concern about the fragile state of our industry since reopening and plead for culture to retain its essential place in society.


A half victory for the AFAA (French Association of Artistic Agents), who have been campaigning for total removal ofCOVID clauses from contracts: some orchestras and opera houses are now accepting that artists should strike out the COVID clause from their contract.


Presentation of a Health Pass is mandatory for audiences to attend any indoor performances (except for children under the age of 12).

The Health Pass is also mandatory for artists when their professional activity takes place in spaces and at times when they are accessible to the public (ie. not in rehearsals, except if they are open to the public).

Upcoming new rules:

- From 15th December for 65+ year-olds / from 15th January for 18+ year-olds:

the Health Pass will lose its validity if a 3rd vaccine dose hasn’t been received within 7 months of the 2nd dose or of the last Covid-19 infection.

- From 29th November, test result validity for the Health Pass is reduced from 72h to 24h.

How to get a health pass

To have a Health Pass, one must present either of the following documents:

- A certificate of full vaccination

- or a negative PCR / antigen test result, no older than24h.

- or a positive PCR / antigen test taken at least 11 days before, within the past 6 months to prove recovery from Covid-19.

Paper versions are accepted if they have a QR code.

For more Health Pass information for foreign artists coming to France, please see this link.


Fully vaccinated people from any country can enter France with no restrictions linked to health conditions. They will need to provide their proof of full vaccination, and a sworn declaration (downloadable from the Interior Ministry’s website) stating that they have no symptoms of Covid-19 infection and have not been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days.

Unvaccinated people travelling from “green list” countries may enter France if they provide a negative PCR or antigen test result taken between 24h and 72h prior to travelling, depending on the country (see list on this page).

Unvaccinated people travelling from “orange” and “red list” countries may only enter France if they have a compelling reason for travel (see list of compelling reasons on this page).


Whilst vaccination is not mandatory, artists are required to present a Health Pass when their activity takes place in spaces and at times when they are accessible to the public.

During rehearsal periods which are closed to the public, protective measures widely vary from venue to venue – somerequire a Health Pass and/or regular PCR testing, others do not. Wearing a mask in rehearsal is recommended.

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