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Situation in Sweden / Nov 2021

Restrictions on public gatherings were lifted on the 29th of September, effectively meaning that opera houses and concert halls could be filled to maximum capacity again. No proof of vaccination, recovery or test has been needed for audiences to access cultural facilities. The recommendation is that people with COVID-like symptoms should stay at home and isolate.

However, with the current rise of infections throughout Europe, Sweden will introduce a COVID-pass for all indoor events with crowds bigger than 100 people, the new rules starting to apply from the 1st of December. Anybody, also those who have had both vaccination doses, should test for COVID if symptoms appear.

15% of the Swedish population over 16 years are not vaccinated.

Anyone who has had two vaccine jabs can get a COVID-pass.

The current political situation in the Swedish parliament is peculiar. The parliament voted for the prime minister with smallest possible majority, but against her budget, forcing the prime minister to rule with the budget of the opposition. The ensuing internal friction within the ruling coalition led to the immediate dissolving of the government and the resignation of the prime minister merely 8 hours after she was elected. How this will affect the Swedish culture budget is not clear yet.

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