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Who are we ?

Founded in July 2020, LyriCoalition is the first European Association dedicated to the protection of Independent Opera professionals' rights.

The Association functions as a network of various unions and associations all over Europe.

Together these associations can exchange ideas, support each other, inspire one another and most and for all, they will gain significant political weight.

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Who do we represent ?

Any Independent and independent worker in the field of Opera : Freelance singers, conductors, stage directors, composers, set designers, costume designers, co-repetitors (pianists) composers, set designers,  etc.

What do we do ?

LyriCoalition functions as an umbrella association. So far, it functions exclusively as an information desk.  We want to increase our lobby and gain greater importance in the public sphere. Our concerns have to reach the responsible parties so that solutions can be implemented. 

A solidary union of our professional group can contribute to changing existing grievances. Through its european network, any opera worker of any country can reach out to the member association of the country in which they are working in the event of any incident.

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What are our long term goals ?

The ultimate goal of LyriCoalition is to improve working conditions for opera artists at the European level, to monitor serious contractual irregularities, and to protect international artists by mobilizing assistance from the member association of the country in which they are working in case of contractual irregularities. 


An additional aim is to monitor fair working conditions at all professional levels, to coordinate health protocols concerning COVID-19.


The association also aims to establish a Europe-wide framework stipulating working conditions and codifying contractual clauses covering such issues as fees for rehearsals, travel, accommodation, fee regulation for live streaming and retransmissions, the schedule of compensation payments for any cancellations of contractually obligated performances or concerts. 


Preliminary discussions with opera houses, auditorium managers, public and private institutions, the international association of artists’ agents, and professionals from other arts sectors, have been ongoing and are already yielding very promising results.

LyriCoalition wants to be a beacon for those who have not resigned themselves to the absence of Art.

Culture has to gain back its rightful place and hardworking performers have to get

back on stage to share music, energy and happiness with their audiences.

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