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Association UNiSSON
Who are we ?

UNiSSON is an Association, created in April 2020 in France, at the beginning of the COVID-crisis.

Who do we represent ?

UNiSSON represents every lyric singer's non-permanent workers, having at least, one contract in France.

Our vision

UNiSSON aims to provide support, listening, and advice to all its members. 

Our mission

Provide legal advice and support. 

Work on the conditions of work and contractual agreements of the artists in France. 

Be a mediator between employee and employer in case of a request, participate in discussions taking place in the cultural world alongside other representatives of artists or employers

Redirect victims of harassment to competent and professional structures.

More details

Place de l'Opéra

                 fter the closure of theatres and concert halls in March 2020, opera artists felt the need to make their voices heard. From this surge of solidarity, the UNiSSON association, which today represents nearly 300 independent lyric artists working in France, was born.


The UNiSSON association is a space for exchange and advice, mutual aid and solidarity, where the most experienced can advise the most fragile on all aspects of our profession.

It is also an interface between the institutions, our employers and the singers. Through numerous exchanges and meetings, we convey the ideas and wishes of our members and build the future of our sector with all the actors in the opera world.


Download our welcome kit

more details

It is also an adapted legal aid. To this end, UNiSSON calls on the services of specialised lawyers to keep up to date with the decisions of the legislator, but also to advise and inform you about your current and future contracts. UNiSSON provides its members with a set of tools to understand the legal issues we face due to the diversity of our contracts, our employers and their operating methods. 

UNiSSON intervenes in certain contentious cases at the request of its members. It also provides its members with one hour of consultation with one of the criminal lawyers in partnership with Unisson in the event of moral or sexual harassment.


The UNiSSON Fund organises several concerts a year, in which Unisson members take part. The funds collected are intended to create two types of aid, which cannot be combined, for independent opera artists living in France, but also for opera students who have started working and can justify professional activity: one-off aid and emergency aid.

Melody Louledjian copyright picture_ Lio

“Respect for our professional rights does not stop at our borders, it is universal. Beyond cultures and languages, it is one of the most beautiful things to work on the creation and construction of these bridges whose cement is called "solidarity".”

Melody Louledjian, Soprano, Pianist, Videographer
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