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LyriCoalition is a network of European opera professionals associations and unions formed in April 2020, which currently includes 7 countries : Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Despite the differences in all of the countries, we discovered through our frequent discussions that we have many common ideals and objectives, but also obstacles that we wish to overcome. Between borders there are varying structures and labour codes and the very nature of our employment is multifaceted, which can result in misinterpretation and legal, social and financial disadvantage. 
As an opera professional association network, we are committed to international solidarity and have already undertaken major projects.

LyriCoalition wants to be a beacon for those who have not resigned themselves to the absence of Art.

Culture has to gain back its rightful place and hardworking performers have to get

back on stage to share music, energy and happiness with their audiences.

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